February 27, 2015

From Kuala Lumpur I took a bus and ferry to Penang, an island in northwest Malaysia. I stayed at a hostel called Couzi Couji in Georgetown, the main town in Penang. When I got there I met some girls in my dorm (including two Swedish ones, there are so many Swedes travelling here) that I went for dinner with. In the evening we had drinks in the hostel. The hostel was pretty cool, they had a bar and some cats.

The next day we went to Penang Hill. We shared a taxi to the base and then took the funicular railway to the top. The view would have been great if it wasn’t so foggy.


It was a bit cooler on the hill which was nice. There was also a small Hindu temple which we had a look at.

After going down the hill we went to the Kek Lok Si Temple, the largest Buddhist temple in Malaysia.


In the evening we had dinner at a night market with lots of different foods. Food in Penang was really good in general, it’s famous for the food and we tried a few different local dishes during the day. For breakfast we had Char Kway Teow, a noodle stir fry with seafood, and for dinner I had Chinese crispy pork rice and dumplings. Everything was great and the following days in Penang I continued to eat a lot of nice, cheap food.


The next day me and Radhika, one of the girls from the hostel, went for Indian for breakfast and then we did a tour around the town to see the main sights and some street art. Central Georgetown is a UNESCO World Heritage Site so there were some historical buildings and interesting architecture to see. Georgetown is also famous for its street art.


This day was also the start of the start of the celebrations for Chinese new year so there were a lot going on. We had dinner at a Malaysian hawker stall and while we were eating it started pouring down. We were stuck in the rain for quite some time, then we decided to run to a bar just down the road so we could have a drink while we waited. The food place was Muslim so they didn’t serve any alcohol. When the rain died down we started walking back home. On the way we walked passed a small temple and were invited to the new year celebration where we got to see a small lion dance.


There were more celebrations going on near the hostel and we stopped there for a while here too to watch.


My last day in Penang I spent resting which was really nice. I had an early night and flew to Langkawi the next day.

After Penang I went to Langkawi and I’m currently in Bandung in Indonesia. I left Langkawi for Jakarta a few days ago. Jakarta didn’t seem like a great place (and I don’t really like visiting big cities) and I decided to not stay long. My first morning in Jakarta I met another girl, Olivia, who had also just arrived and wanted to travel around Java. We found a tour we wanted to do and by the evening we had it all booked with a pickup at 5am the next morning. For the next 6 days we’re travelling around in a car with a driver/guide and seeing different volcanoes, some hot springs and temples.