April 26, 2015

I made a short stop in Manila before visiting other places in The Philippines. I stayed in a nice hostel set in a gated neighbourhood close to the airport. It was a big Filipino house and had a swimming pool in the garden. My first afternoon I just spent in the hostel.

The next day I went out to explore Manila with a Canadian guy, James, from my dorm. We went to the old Spanish town and saw the cathedral.


We also went to the old fortress, which is mostly in ruins, but set in a nice park in the same area. There was also a small museum there about their national hero José Rizal.



After the fortess we walked through the old town for a bit and stopped for a drink. It was pretty nice around there, small streets and interesting architecture, pretty different from the rest of Manila.



Then we walked down to Rizal Park and went to the two national museums there; one is about Filipino history and the other one art. They were pretty interesting, I was mostly interested in the history one but sadly they were renovating and half the museum was closed.

In the evening we headed to another area in Manila where we went to a night market. I had a really good Mongolian rice dish (basically a stir fry).



In the evening we went out to a club and the next day I flew to Puerto Princesa in Palawan, another island in The Philippines.