Kuala Lumpur

February 20, 2015

I’ve just arrived in Langkawi this evening after spending four days in Penang. Malaysia has been great so far. It’s very hot and humid and I’m eating lots of great food.

I started Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur. I got there Friday night last week after an 8 hour flight from Sydney. I had a small room for myself in a hostel with shared bathroom. It was nice to have my own room as I needed some time to plan and research where to go next.

After I arrived at to hostel I went out to see a friend from London, Vincent, who happened to be in KL. I met up with Vincent and Anand, the brother of my friend Mahen, and some of their mates. It was a good night, after the bar we ended up at a Japanese restaurant to see a Japanese magic show. It was a very random night, but good! The magic was very impressive but that could just have been for the drinks we had before.. In the end we went for some really good Chinese food in Chinatown, close to where I was staying.

The next day I walked around the city to see them main tourist attractions. I started with Central Market.


Then I went to see the Merdeka Square (Independence Square), but it was so hot I kind of just walked there and took a quick look and then left to the National Textiles Museum across the road. The museum was pretty good, they showed different kinds of textiles, clothing and accessories used in Malaysia throughout history. It was also a good escape from the heat for a moment…

After the textile museum I walked down to the mosque and the Islamic Arts Museum. I went to the museum first, the mosque would open for tourists a bit later. The Islamic Arts Museum was really good. They had art from different muslim cultures and countries, there were models of different mosques, old Quran writings, paintings and more. After the museum I walked back to the National Mosque which was now open for visitors.


The mosque was impressive. Tourists weren’t allowed into the prayer hall but we could look inside and walk around on the outside part of the building.

I ended the day with a walk around Chinatown. I went through a very busy market where vendors tried to sell me lots of fake bags, wallets and watches.


I spent the rest of the evening in my hostel room just relaxing and trying to figure out where to go after KL. When I got hungry later I went out to the Chinese next door for some noodles.

The next day Vincent picked me up and we went on a tour around town to see different sights. We started with the Royal Selangor Visitor Centre. Royal Selangor is a pewter manufacturer and retailer. They’ve also made the worlds largest pewter tankard.


At the visitor centre we got a free guided tour about the history of the company and pewter in general and then they showed us the different stages of creating pewter products. We also got to try to hammer a pattern into to a cup, is was very hard to get it right but looked so easy when done by the professional.

After that we drove to the Petronas twin towers so that I got to see them. We never went up in them cause the tickets were sold out at that time. I’m coming back to Malaysia in April though to meet up with Mahen, so maybe I’ll go up for the view then.


We had some Malay food for lunch around the towers, it was really good! I had rice with some kind of lamb and beef. I’m loving the food over here, there’s a good mix of Chinese, Indian and Malaysian street food, so good!

After the towers we went to see the Batu Caves where we met up with Anand. The Batu Caves is a limestone hill with caves and Hindu shrines and temples. I climbed all the 272 steps in the heat, it almost killed me.


There were lots of cute little monkeys running around.


The next day I took the bus up to Penang where I had a really good time, I’ll write more about it later. I’m always so busy doing stuff this blog is starting to lag behind a bit, but I’ll try to keep it pretty up to date. I’ll at least be updating the map here with my current location since it’s a lot quicker to do than a whole post: http://hannahollstrom.se/travels/map/



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  1. hyvää päivää, glad påsk från oss. Solen skiner o fåglarna kvittrar, det snöade imorse inte så varmt. Kram från mommo

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