Yogyakarta, Java

March 30, 2015

The final day of our tour only had one activity scheduled, a guided tour of the sultans palace. In the morning we checked out of our hotel and moved our bags to Duta Guesthouse before we drove the short distance to the palace. There Bambang got us a guide before he left for a long drive back to Carita.

We started the tour with a traditional puppet show. We only stayed for a short time as we couldn’t follow the story at all but it was cool to have seen it as we had read about the puppet shows in Yogya. Behind the puppets were a big orchestra playing music throughout the show.


Then we walked around the temple complex. There were some areas we couldn’t go as they were the living quarters of the sultan and his family. The sultan seemed pretty important to the people there, or it could just have been our guide doing her job. She said he was a very good sultan and his praying had helped protect Yogya in Merapis last eruption.



We spent an our or two in the palace and then we tried walking into town, but had trouble finding the way. All the time the becak (trishaw) drivers were bugging us wanting to drive us somewhere even when we kept telling them no and “jalan jalan” which kind of means “walking walking” in Indonesian. In general in Java, people can be quite annoying trying to sell you items or transport. In the end we got talking to a man who was working in the tourist office. He recommended us a few places to go in Yogya, one was this batik workshop where some students showed people how they worked with batik. It was free and sounded interesting so we finally got a becak and went there. We got there and were greeted by a guy who took us to see this girl working on a batik painting while he explained the process of batik to us.


They had a lot of paintings for sale there, made by both professionals and students, the latter being a lot cheaper. We spent quite a long time looking through them all and in the end I bought a student painting I liked. Since it’s batik it’s made on a fabric that can easily be folded and washed so I thought it wouldn’t be too hard to carry with me on the rest of my travels.

We then walked to a mall where we visited another branch of Bread Talk and bought maybe a few too many cakes… We brought them to a nearby cafe where they gave us each a free donut with our coffee on top of all the cakes.


After that we walked around the city center for a bit. It’s definitely the nicest city on Java I’ve been too and I wouldn’t mind visiting Yogya again. We walked back to our hotel, it turned out to be pretty far and we agreed not to do that walk again. Being a nicer city it’s still not that nice to walk longer distances through.

In the evening Olivia had a massage and I went and got a pizza at a recommended Italian place close to our hotel. I brought it back and watched some Swedish television in front of the pool. After I finished my food the lovely staff brought me a cake and a tea.


The rest of the evening we spent in the hotel. For a while we tried streaming a movie but the internet connection just wasn’t good enough.


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