First stop: Sweden

January 24, 2015

Before starting my 6 month trip I decided to go back to Sweden to see my family and friends over here. I’ve spent a couple of relaxing weeks at my parents and this last week I’ve been going up and down the country to catch up with everyone before I leave.


I first went up north to Lulea to visit my uncle and his family. I had a really good weekend there, it was cold and snowy but very nice to get some proper winter as we don’t get that in London.

A couple of days after coming back I met up with my friends Anette, Martina and Maite in Uppsala before I continued onto Gavle to visit Johanna, another friend of mine. On the way back I caught up with Kim over a coffee and after that is was home to dinner with parents and grandmother. Today my siblings and aunt are over for dinner so that I get a chance to say by to them as well before I leave.

Tomorrow I’m going back to London for a few days and then I’m off to Melbourne. I’m really looking forward to leave now and also to go to London to see my friends there.